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A folding ladder is handy in all respects. The different parts of the ladder can easily be folded in and out of each other. This makes the ladder very compact so that it can easily be transported and stored. Folding ladders are also sometimes called buckling ladders. A quick snap here, a quick snap there, and your bent ladder is ready. The ladder is multifunctional, compact, quick to erect, and has nothing but advantages. Read more about the advantages of this type of ladder below and how you can choose the ideal folding ladder for your situation.

What exactly is a folding ladder?

Simply put, it is a ladder that you can fold. It is not just any ladder; it is a ladder with many advantages. It consists of four parts with a hinge connecting them. The parts have a number of steps, and these differ per part. You can choose between 4×3, 4×4, 4×5, or 4×6. This means that the ladder consists of four parts, and the total number of steps (also called rungs) can be 3, 4, 5, or 6. With telescopic folding ladders, the lower legs can be extended, which makes the ladder very compact and ideal for working on uneven ground.

How do you use a folding ladder?

ALDORR’s folding ladders can be used in many situations because you can bend them in many ways. You can fold the ladder into a straight position, an A-position free-standing, and as a scaffold on an uneven surface. The straight position is ideal if you put the ladder up against a wall and need support from another wall. The A-stand can easily be accomplished due to the folding system, allowing you to place the free-standing ladder anywhere. You can also use the folding ladder as scaffolding; this is perfect, for example, if you have to carry out jobs on a staircase. A telescopic folding ladder can be extended a long way because of the telescopic part at the bottom. This makes it possible to work safely and stably at height.

Different versions

In our collection, you will find various folding ladders. The ladder that is the best choice for you depends on the jobs you want to use it on. For example, you can choose a 4×3 model for a lower working height, whereas the 4×4, 4×5, or 4×6 are better choices for a greater working height. Our folding ladders are suitable for both professional and home use. The ALDORR Home folding ladders are naturally suitable for home use. The ALDORR Professional folding ladders have been specially developed for use in the construction industry. All ladders meet the strictest safety standards.

Our offer of folding ladders

We have a large range of folding ladders that you can use. Our folding ladders are categorised as telescopic folding ladders and regular folding ladders. Our telescopic folding ladders can, in addition to being folded, also be folded together to give an extra compact size. Our regular folding ladders do not have this function, but they can be folded into different positions. So, our telescopic folding ladders are more compact, and our regular folding ladders are more flexible. Both types of folding ladders are available in the Home model and the Professional model.

Using the folding ladder as safely as possible

All folding ladders in ALDORR’s product range have been developed to be as safe and stable as possible. You can optimise the safety during the use of the folding ladder yourself. For example, there are certain factors that you should take into account. Therefore, always read the instructions before using the folding ladder.

One of the things to consider is the maximum load capacity. For most ladders, the maximum load is 150kg, and it is important to stay below this weight during use. Therefore, always calculate whether your body weight plus the weight of the materials remain under the maximum load.

Safe working conditions are also influenced by the folding ladder being at least one metre above the place to which it gives access. Are you going to empty the gutters? Then the ladder must jut at least one metre above the roof edge.

It is essential to take the wind force into account when working outside. If the wind force is six or higher, it is safer to wait until it subsides. It is also advisable to climb the ladder with two hands free and at least one hand free.

When you have finished using the ladder, it is not safe to leave it unattended. The ladder can be blown over in strong gusts of wind, causing dangerous situations. To prevent this, it is important to always tidy the ladder up. The folding system and the compact model make this very easy.

What does a folding ladder cost?

The prices of folding ladders vary approximately from €150 to €300, and the actual price depends on the quality, size, and material. We offer you the best price/quality ratio and also give you at least a five-year warranty. You can also contact us for personal advice tailored to your needs. If you are unsure which ladder is your best choice, ask our experts your questions, and they will give you their best advice. In addition, we offer free shipping and fast delivery.

Why choose an ALDORR folding ladder?

Our folding ladders are of extremely high quality. We put the safety of our users first and ensure that the ladders are optimal and safe for use. All our folding ladders meet the strictest safety standards. The ladders are designed to be robust and stable on the ground.