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You need a ladder. However, there are many types, and you want to make the perfect choice. There are many differences in type, length, and weight. At ALDORR, you can find the ideal ladder for every job. Knowing which ladder you need is essential for carrying out your jobs. A ladder should be safe, appropriate to the situation, and easy to use. At ALDORR, we stand for safety and innovation, and we are happy to help you make the right choice.

Wide range of ladders

Before you start looking, it is useful to know what ladders are available on the market. You have a single ladder, and this is considered a traditional design. Double ladders are perfect if you want to reach a higher height. You also have a triple ladder and one that is multifunctional. There are also folding ladders with pivoting points and telescopic ladders that can be extended to several levels. The following gives a clear description of each type:

Single ladders

This type can be seen as a basic model. You can very easily put these ladders against the wall with support from a solid object or building, and they are perfect for climbing on a roof. They are easy to use because the model only has one part. The advantage of this type is that it is lightweight. It is suitable for jobs around and in the house. It is ideal if the working height is about 4 metres. Please note that this type is not free-standing. At ALDORR, we specialise in professional telescopic ladders. It is not for nothing that we consider a telescopic ladder the best solution for anyone looking for a single ladder.

Double ladders

If you need to climb higher, this type is very handy. It can be extended so that you can climb twice as high as a single ladder. The nice thing about this is that it is easy to store because you can slide it back in to give the same length as a single ladder. There are several types of these ladders, and there are options where you can also make an A-stand. An A-stand means the ladder can be free-standing, which gives you a lot of freedom when carrying out jobs. The advantage of this type is that you can reach a higher working height and still have the same storage space as single ladders. You will find a wide range of double ladders in our reform ladders collection.

Triple ladders

This type can easily be set in an A-position, so it is always free-standing. These ladders are suitable for every job. You can always put them in the A-position, which is a triple position, so that you can also extend the ladder, allowing you to work at height. You will never encounter any limitations with this type. You can also retract it, making it easy to store. This ladder is also suitable for heavy and intensive jobs. This type will never let you down in any situation.

Handy folding ladders

Folding ladders are often used in the construction industry because they have pivot points. These pivot points can be found over the entire length, making them very efficient. The pivot points allow the ladder to take many different shapes, which can be achieved with a simple click. This type can be folded so that it is compact, making it easy to store and transport. This type is not suitable for high working heights, but it is ideal for jobs where this is not necessary. Are you looking for a compact ladder that you can easily store and transport? Discover our range of top quality folding ladders.

Modern telescopic ladders

Telescopic ladders can be very easily stored because each step is hollow. This allows the ladder to be optimally slid together and saves space. You can decide how far to extend this type of ladder as it has several levels. The maximum extension differs for each telescopic ladder and is clearly described. This type is very sturdy, et it can be stored in small storage spaces and has a maximum working height because of its extendable length. It is perfect for home and outdoor jobs because it can easily be transported.

How do you choose the right ladder?

It is essential to consider several factors to make the right choice. The first thing to consider when buying a ladder is its type of use. What do you need the ladder for? This could be for intensive work such as construction or painting. These are professional ladders and should be made for this purpose and safe for all. Also, consider the material when making your choice. An aluminium ladder is lightweight and completely maintenance-free. All ALDORR ladders are made from very high-quality aluminium, which is why we give a minimum of five years warranty on our entire range of ladders.

Buying a ladder: pay attention to these points

Once you know what you want to use it for, look at the storage space and transportation. Compact models, such as folding ladders or telescopic ladders, are ideal for storing and transporting. However, you do have to take into account the maximum working height for these types. If they are not an option for your job, you can choose another type. Our Multiladders or reform ladders may be a good option.

If you are going to work very high up, it has to be safe. If you expect to work there for longer than four hours, it is safer to purchase a mobile scaffold, which gives you more room to work and is safer. Fortunately, ALDORR also has the solution if you are looking for scaffolding that allows you to work safely at heights. It is always wise to have enough space around you, upwards and to the side. Also, carefully consider whether the ladder has a support or if you need an A-stand. Therefore, the ideal ladder depends on its use, storage space, transportation, working height and job duration, and whether it has to be free-standing. Determine this for yourself, and you will arrive at the best option for you. If you need advice on choosing the right ladder, our experts will be happy to advise you.