Telescopic ladders

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Telescopic ladders

A telescopic ladder is easy to slide in and out, making it very compact. This makes telescopic ladders very handy for transportation and storage. This type of ladder has hollow rungs so that they can be telescoped into a compact size.

A telescopic ladder is also called a retractable ladder and is known for its sturdiness. ALDORR is the market leader in the telescopic ladders field in the Netherlands and Belgium. In our range, you will find telescopic ladders for various working heights so that you can safely carry out any job at height. You will find the ideal telescopic ladder for both professional and home use. Below, we give useful tips for choosing the ideal ladder. If you still have questions, let our experts advise you.

Types of telescopic ladders

In our range, you can choose between telescopic ladders for professional use or home use. The difference is that ladders for professional use must meet the stricter requirements of professional occupational health and safety. Home use must comply with the Commodities Act. Both ladders are made of high-quality materials. The ALDORR Home range comes with a five-year warranty and the ALDORR Professional with a lifetime warranty.

The number of steps and the maximum working height are decisive for finding the ideal telescopic ladder. Our innovative telescopic ladders are equipped with a professional soft-closing system, so there is no risk of hands or fingers getting between the rungs.

How does this extension ladder work?

Telescopic ladders can be used for multiple tasks and are very user-friendly. You can reach good heights, and, at the same time, it is a compact model for storage. The most important tip is always to place this ladder on a firm and level surface. So this is the first step you take. A solid surface always ensures safety. Once you have a suitable surface, place your foot on the first rung (step) and the other on the ground.

Then pull up the first rung and wait for it to lock. Repeat this with all the rungs. You can also partially extend the ladder. In this case, it is important that any unused rungs are at the top of the ladder. In our collection, all telescopic ladders are equipped with indicators that show whether each step is fully locked in. If they are, it is safe to climb up.

The safety of a telescopic ladder

The telescopic ladder has been specially developed for working safely at heights. ALDORR ladders comply with legislation and regulations and are made of high-quality aluminium. The user’s safety is our first priority and remains guaranteed if you use a solid surface. It is also important that you do not use substances that could have a negative effect on the ladder. A negative effect can be caused by humidity or paint if it affects the click system of the sliding ladder. As long as there are no such issues, the ladder is very safe.

How to choose the right telescopic ladder?

Choosing a ladder from ALDORR means you can be sure that it complies with the necessary regulations. Our telescopic ladders meet all safety and quality requirements. The first thing you might think of is the Commodities Act (Warenwet), which contains requirements with which climbing materials must comply. The Commodities Act takes precedence over European Standard 131. The EN 131 is about stairs and ladders to protect users against unsafe products. NEN 2484 is a stringent standard for professional use. If the product complies with this, it can handle many work situations and fulfils all the ARBO requirements. If you are looking for a ladder for professional use, choose a telescopic ladder from the Aldorr Professional range.

For whom is the telescopic ladder intended?

This telescopic ladder is suitable for those who are looking for a ladder that can be used flexibly. It is the perfect ladder for storage in a compact form. This is advantageous for saving storage space and makes transporting the ladder easier. The ladder can be used by both professionals and DIY handymen. This ladder is perfect for the handyman who performs a variety of activities. The adjustable height makes it suitable for multiple uses.

Determining the working height

The telescopic ladder’s length and working height are two different things. It is safe to work on the fourth rung from the top, and it is not safe to work up here. Therefore, you need to know how high the job is and how high the fourth rung from the top has to be. Make this clear, and remember that you are extending the ladder. The length between the rungs is usually 30 cm. Also, take into account your own height.

Why choose an ALDORR telescopic ladder?

A good reason for choosing an ALDORR telescopic ladder is its click system, which is very safe and flexible. ALDORR’s innovative ladders are equipped with a soft-close system, which enables the ladder to slide together silently and ensures that you cannot get your fingers caught. In addition, ALDORR’s professional line is distinguished by extra-wide rungs with ALDORR Optigrip™ and the black-coated components on the ladder. In addition to telescopic ladders of various lengths, you will also find sturdy, highly reliable telescopic folding ladders.

Good to know

Before using the telescopic ladder, it is essential to read the description carefully. There is always a video too. It is important that you handle the ladder with care to maintain its quality. In any case, place the product on a firm surface and at an angle of 75 degrees. Also, do not use any substances that could have a negative effect on the ladder. The product description also states the maximum load that the ladder can carry. Also, do not climb the ladder higher than the fourth rung from the top. You can easily go online and download the manual for each product in our range.

Buying a telescopic ladder

When buying this ladder, first consider what it is to be used for. Is it professional, semi-professional, or for home use? A telescopic ladder from the ALDORR professional range is required for official construction industry jobs. Once you know what kind of jobs they are, you can determine the working height. Remember that you should not climb further than the fourth rung from the top. Find out the maximum weight the ladder can carry and how much weight you will have with you during the job. It is also helpful to know whether the retractable ladder is compact enough to carry, transport or store. If you need advice when choosing a ladder, our experts will help you find the ideal ladder for your job. Feel free to contact us.